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gatsby porch scene

Chapter 1: East Egg

an immersive illumination


**WINNER - Best in Immersive Theatre @Hollywood Fringe Festival 2021**

This sensory dark ride immersive experience put audience into the literal shoes of Nick, revisiting memories of his first night at the Buchanans' but though a modern 2021 lens. An original score played live by two freeform musicians met with themes of current class struggles and wealth disparity in America to accompany an intimate audience of only 15 at a time through Tom & Daisy's home for a delicious evening of tense introduction and foresight. Chapter One of an episodic experience, this was only the beginning of this new journey into GATSBY.


Welcome to the Neighborhood!


an immersive 1950's barbecue

Audiences were invited to Bob & Cindy Nelson's 4th of July backyard BBQ bash! Bob was cookin with gas for all our new neighbors to celebrate America's birthday but also life back above ground, thanks to that pesky nuclear missile crisis last year. This multi-track dark ride-meets-choose your own adventure comedy followed numerous storylines and characters and multiple possible endings through a high-adrenaline adventure into a 1950's hyper-reality, more than a little parallel to this post-quarantine world we've been living in.


Vote for MURDER!


**WINNER - Best in Immersive Theatre @Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019**

A Clue-inspired competitive RPG sandbox adventure! Audiences came as Vine High Students to the 2019 Student Boddy Elections, but when one of the candidates was inevitably MURDERED, it became up to THEM to explore the grounds, find clues, interrogate suspects and solve the case before the MURDERER got away! Based on Clue, Mafia and other party games, the fate of Vote for MURDER was entirely in the hands of the audience and was NEVER the same twice!


Rabbit Hole


a site-specific experience​ 

A high concept no-proscenium interpretation of David Lindsay-Abaire's powerful play. Audiences were brought into a grief counseling setting to watch our 5 characters relive and attempt to cope with their memories of a horrible tragedy. A raw, intimate, and evocative production.

cast pic.jpeg

Unreal City


**WINNER - Best in Immersive Theatre @Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018**

Audiences received a winning ticket for the Queen's Lottery, granting them residency in Unreal City and escape from the Wasteland. Little did they know they were actually being gathered by rebel forces, traveling back through time to warn them of what could come to be if people didn't begin to speak out and stand up for what's right.

Devised from The Wasteland and other works of TS Eliot, this epic post-apocalyptic dark ride journey took audiences across 19 possible locations led by a cast of 25 to experience a potential dark future. A 7-phase experience woven with many possible paths and choices meant audiences could return over and over again in hopes of finding all the people, places and adventures in Unreal City. 

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