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Mission Statement

2Cents Theatre Group is an artistic organization dedicated to the rejuvenation and exposure of  ART from all eras, expressed through theatrical mediums, drawing from the strengths, ambitions and aspirations of our diverse and evolving community of artists. 


We recognize the vital contributions of every player within artistic creation. We strive to embellish and pay due respect to each and every such part of abstract and direct collaborations alike. We plan to pull inspiration from those who have gone before us and originated greatness, as well as those who have yearned for the opportunity to do so. 


Our commitment is to create that which originally moved us to passion, while at the same time making it accessible to unexposed and theatrically unfulfilled audiences within undeveloped artistic communities, backed by a society of ever-thriving artists. 


We will build on continued interest in our ambitions and endeavors. Our future successes will rely heavily on the support of those we strive to impress upon, and we look forward to exploring the many ways we as a company of growing artists can learn to do so.

backstage vote counting @INK Fest 2015
Kate Bowman, Kristen Boulé, Tiffany Asta


2Cents Theatre Group was founded in 2012 by Kristen Boulé (Artistic Director), Kate Bowman (VP of Creative Affairs), Tiffany Roberts (Literary Director), Cody Lyman (Secretary), Lisette Azar and Marlio Sterling (Exec Board), all artists with varied areas of discipline, who shared a passion for great ART. 2Cents' mission is to inspire audiences with great storytelling injected with their own 2Cents, making their ART fearlessly unique. Los Angeles critics consistently remark at 2Cents' daring originality while managing to respect the authentic story of whatever piece they're taking on.


In 2014 2Cents produced their first annual Acting Out INK Fest, featuring 22 plays over one 3-day weekend, all written by women. INK Fest, involving over 100 actors, directors and other artists, and inspired by 2Cents' non-profit partnership with LA Women's Theatre Project, is an annual event continuing to honor female writers.


2Cents is always continuing to expand their outreach program. Each holiday season 2Cents Carolers travel throughout the LA area to sing for supportive housing organizations and homeless shelters, including PATH (People Assisting the Homeless) and Skid Row Housing. 2Cents has spent time with KidWorks in the South Bay, holding theatre workshops for underprivileged kids. In 2013 they performed at an AIDS Benefit with Being Alive in West Hollywood, and have participated in "Relay for Life," an American Cancer Society Relay Event in Venice, CA.


Visit for more information, or to make a tax-deductible donation. And "like" 2Cents on Facebook!

See you at the SHOWS and enjoy the ART!

2Cents' founding Board of Directors (2012)
Kate Bowman, Lisette Azar, Kristen Boulé, Cody Lyman, Tiffany Roberts
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